Environmental Film Festival

Call for Submissions

July 22-23, 2022

Agency and Urgency


The aim of our festival is to encourage community members to better understand the pressing issues of climate change and empower them to act in every way they can, locally and directly.

  • Festival dates: July 22-23, 2022.
  • Applications open: May 11
  • Applications close: June 10
  • Notifications: June 20

The Call for Submissions Brief

We are looking for films that will both educate viewers about the crisis but also motivate them to participate in and find solutions of all levels of impact.

Our specific areas of interest are climate & nature biodiversity.

Our specific focus is youth engagement.

FLM FWD is a small-town film festival conceived to encourage community building through art, performance, education, cultural enrichment, and entertainment. We have one of the top public school districts in the country and a very high percentage of families with school aged children.

Our festival is held on the historic grounds of our Town Hall and our Library, adjacent to one of the beautiful rivers in our community. Our festival is within a greater community festival run by our organization that includes family-friendly entertainment such as live music, climbing walls, food & drink vendors.

This year we are holding our inaugural festival on the subject of environment. It will be repeated every year in June. Last august we held our inaugural festival on the subject of empathy, we are holding our second annual empathy festival in August of this year.

Our festival is guided by a steering committee that includes a prize winning community organizer and artist trained as an ecologist, a physicist, an epidemiologist. Our jury includes established filmmakers and theater arts professionals from the area.

Contact vince [at] flmfwdfestival.org for more information