Register for the

Environmental Festival!

July 22-23, 2022, Town Hall Campus

283 County Road, Barrington, RI

Our festival aims to encourage our community to understand the pressing issues of climate change and empower them to act in every way they can, locally and directly.

Our Mission

FLM FWD is a small-town film festival conceived to encourage community building through art, performance, education, cultural enrichment, and entertainment.

Each year, we add a new festival to our lineup. By our third year, 2023, we will have three annual festivals:

• June: Environment,

• July: Youth

• August: Empathy.

Our program includes multiple festivals, mini-festivals, and other arts events & happenings.

2022 Calendar: Save These Dates!

August 26-28 2022: 2nd Annual Empathy Festival

Get Involved

The FLMFWD family includes people who are passionate about art, science, business, health, government, communications, youth, veterans affair. We need you!

Attendees at our inaugural festival in 2021 enjoyed two perfect evenings of Family Fun: Films, Food, Music and More! Over 800 residents registered for the screening of 13 films selected from over 1400 submissions to our film festival juried by five Rhode Island artists. At our 'River Cafe' in Library Cove, four local bands played, dozens of Rhode Island food vendors served up their specialties and we were treated to regional wines and artisan cocktails. Our community partner, the RI Army National Guard brought a 35-foot rock climbing wall and we welcomed other Barrington nonprofits to share their message in our 'community village'.

Live Music on The River!

Awesome Food Truck Eats!

Something for Everyone!